We invest in people first.

 EQX was founded in 2018 because we believe in investing early and in the right entrepreneurs to build great [bio]tech companies.

Our investments are based on our ideal ‘EQX founder’, a person who possess seven of the most important characteristics to drive an idea to become a successful company.

EQX Founder: Humble, Honest, Hard working, Hungry, Humor, Prior  success, Persistance

It is part of our ethos to invest in gender, ethnic and cultural diverse leaders because we come from diverse backgrounds. For example, at the EQX I Fund, nearly 40% of our investments were made in female founders and even though this is significantly higher than the average venture capital industry, we know we have to do more, and we will.

EQX is a partner of Boston Harbor Angels, one of the top three angel investment groups in the US, to support our investment efforts.